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New engines with innovative technology need fuel providing necessary vitality. That is exactly what AVIA GOLD Diesel, AVIA fuel with modern additives, provides.

Evro Gold Dizel


Our customers often wonder what the difference between premium and regular fuel is. Whether and how premium fuel is better than regular fuel.

Premium fuel, new generation fuel with additives, give your car a power boost, increases its performance, makes your favorite toy bolder on the road.

Why opt for AVIA GOLD Diesel?

  • Provides more power and increases torque
  • Increases cetane number
  • Guarantees enhanced cold-start capability
  • Improves combustion efficiency
  • Reduces consumption
  • Reduces emissions, which makes it environmentally friendly

The effect of this fuel is beneficial as it cleans the fuel injection system, providing steady and undisturbed performance. It is also anti-corrosive, inhibits fuel foaming, enhances durability, and provides longer engine life. Test results of the AVIA Gold Diesel multifunctional additives pack show that using this fuel reduces emissions and engine noise, which makes it environmentally friendly.

In the long run, AVIA Gold Diesel proves to be budget-friendly, as it reduces maintenance costs and fuel consumption.



Hight quality fuel for engines running on unleaded gasoline. Produced for new generation vehicles, as well as older engines requiring superior performance.

  • Higher octane number
  • Euro 5 quality
  • Improves engine performance
  • Enhances engine power and start capability

LPG Cylinders

Gas in cylinders is a 35:65 ratio propane/butane blend, which quality is under the SRPS BH2 134 standard.

Pursuant to the “Rulebook on mobile high-pressure equipment” (RS Official Gazette No. 30/14), dated June 1, 2014, Radun AVIA offers standardized LPG Cylinders. Pursuant to the above-mentioned Rulebook, bearing our customers’ safety in mind, our company offers an exchange of technically valid cylinders with a valid attest. New LPG cylinders are also available, the attest surcharge is 1000 RSD.

LPG Cylinders are available at following gas stations: Novi Sad 3, Kanjiža, Sirig, Gospođinci, Bašaid, Bogojevo, Čenta, Novi Bečej, Bačko Gradište, Zrenjanin.


Plinske boce

AVIA range – lubricants and liquids


Since March 2005, motor oils, lubricants, antifreeze, and AVIA brand liquids are available in Serbian market. These products are manufactured for AVIA Serbia by a renowned Novi Sad company, Adeco, according to Swiss specifications.

AVIA range consist of the following oils and lubricants:

  • AVIA record motor oils
  • AVIA transmission oils
  • AVIA hydraulic oils
  • AVIA oils for agricultural machinery
  • AVIA break fluids
  • AVIA antifreezes
  • AVIA windshield washer liquid
  • AVIA AD blue
  • Traktorl
  • Semisynthetic
  • AutoGlass
  • AntiFreeze
  • AdBlue
  • avia_2T-mix
  • avia_antifriz
  • avia_atf-suffix
  • avia_autoglass
  • avia_brakefluid
  • avia_demivoda
  • avia_hipo
  • avia_lancoil
  • avia_rekord

The AVIA range is represented at all gas stations.

Evro Dizel


  • High quality
  • For great performance – prompt start, steady engine performance in high and extremely low temperatures, when this derivative demonstrates its full glory

Evro Premium BMB 89


  • Quality according to regulatory requirements
  • In full accordance with EN 228 Euro 5 emission standards enforced in Europe


Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LGP) is a mixture of hydrocarbon gases used as fuel in vehicles and for other purposes. LPG is a contemporary name for propane/butane blend (sold in LPG cylinders) commonly used in households.

View the list of gas stations and fuel offer HERE

Coffee to go


Coffee can be a great ally to a driver combating fatigue. A study has shown that moderate consumption of caffeine, together with taking regular breaks, especially during long drives, is associated with increased alertness and concentration.

One cup of coffee, containing about 80 mg of caffeine, improves the human body’s performance, and reduces sleepiness when driving on a highway.

Available at: Novi Sad 1, Novi Sad 2, Novi Sad 3, Kanjiža, Gorjani, Stopanja, Bačko Gradište, Bašaid, Doljevac, Gospođinci, Horgoš, Ćuprija, Hrtkovci, Preljina, Ruma, Rumenka 1, Rumenka 2, Sirig, Vojka and Zrenjanin.


Kafa za poneti

AMSS Membership Card


In cooperation with the Auto-moto Association of Serbia (AMSS), the AMSS membership card can be obtained at all Radun AVIA gas stations. AMSS membership card provides free-of-charge road assistance, auto repair, and tow service, as well as several additional services.





ADBlue is a harmless synthetic solution used as an agent for reducing pollutant emissions from Euro 4, Euro 5, and Euro 6 diesel engine vehicles, equipped with SCR technology (Selective Catalytic Reduction systems). ADBlue is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic product, classified as a low hazard to waters (German Water Endangerment Class (WGK) 1).

Advantages of SCR technology:

  • Up to 5 % increase in diesel fuel consumption in comparison to alternative technological solutions for engine performance optimization
  • Technologically applicable to Euro 4 and Euro 5
  • Low maintenance, as no air filters are needed

ADBlue feed operates as a stand-alone system with a separate tank, it must not be added to diesel fuel.

ADBlue, packed in 10L disposable plastic containers, is available at all our gas stations. ADBlue outdoor nozzle dispenser is available at Novi Sad 1 gas station, Novi Sad, 2a Put šajkaškog odreda.

Other than reducing air pollution (reduced NOx emissions), advantages of SCR system (TIER 3A) are:

  1. Reduced fuel consumption
  2. Decreased dissipation of energy
  3. Decreased amount of solid particulates and smoke in exhaust emissions
  4. Decreased contamination of motor oils with deposits, which prolongs periods between oil changes


Naše benzinske stanice nude kvalitetno gorivo kao i širok izbor pratećeg asortimana za prevozna sredstva (ulja i maziva, antifrizi, auto kozmetika, AdBlue), konditorskih proizvoda, bezalkoholnih pića i akcijskih proizvoda.

Na pojedinim lokacijama pružamo uslugu pranja vozila. Kompanijama nudimo mogućnost točenja goriva na odloženo plaćanje, a za dogovor kontaktirati sektor komercijalnih poslova.

Od 29.06. u ponudi Radun AVIA benzinskih stanica nalazi se novo gorivo – AVIA Gold evro dizel, aditivirano gorivo sa vodećim cetanskim brojem na tržištu. Za detaljnije informacije o gorivu kliknite OVDE

See the list of petrol stations with fuel supply HERE.