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GREEN BUSINESS – our path to the future

We live in a time when an ‘energy problem’ is emerging, with increasing demands for energy, especially electricity, and diminishing availability of existing sources. In light of climate change and heightened pollution, traditional energy sources, already limited in existence, are becoming undesirable and must be replaced with renewable and environmentally cleaner alternatives.

Since February of this year, we have transformed the roof of our AVIA Gorjani gas station into a mini solar power plant with the installation of 33 solar panels, providing a total power capacity of 10.8 kW. The planned annual electricity production is approximately 11,707 kWh.

After signing a Full Supply Agreement with net settlement with the Electric Distribution Company, Radun AVIA officially earned the title of ‘buyer-producer.’ This means that we generate energy for our own needs and return the surplus to the grid. We are currently among the first in the ‘buyer-producer’ registry in Serbia, providing momentum to continue advancing in sustainable business practices.

We highlight five key reasons that led us to build the solar power plant, hoping they can serve as inspiration for other businesses:

  1. Partial reduction of dependence on suppliers and the impact of changes in energy prices on operations.
  2. Development of social responsibility, sustainability, and participation in renewable sources.
  3. Economic viability and a high level of return on investment.
  4. Enhancement of the company’s image as a leader in the eyes of business partners, a progressive entity contributing to community development.
  5. Future reduction of ‘Carbon Tax’ penalties through decreased consumption of energy produced from fossil fuels.

Based on these reasons, we recognize two key benefits for the company:

a) The possibility of aligning with the ISO 50001 standard, providing additional market recognition and excellence for a company already operating in an industry under the influence of green regulations.

b) Economic benefits through cost savings.


AVIA Gorjani AVIA Gorjani

AVIA Gorjani AVIA Gorjani

With each operating hour, the power plant generates an average of around 2.5 kWh of clean electrical energy, saving about thirty dinars and approximately one kilogram of CO2. Despite its modest contribution, it symbolizes a positive leap for Radun AVIA company into the realm of social responsibility, sustainability, and green business.