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AVIA hand in hand with nature and recreation lovers

This season, the expanded team of the Mountaineering and Skiing Association “Železničar” from Novi Sad will be supported by a local company, Radun AVIA – the biggest distributor and official representative of the AVIA brand in Serbia.

Since its founding, this association of nature lovers has spread the ideas of spending time outdoors, climbing mountains and protecting nature, values that AVIA recognizes and encourages.

Some of the core activities of the MSA “Železničar” are hiking, tracking, climbing, and orientation. Over 30 activities will be performed in 2019, in partnership with AVIA.

The season began with the joint first rounds of the Tracking League of Vojvodina and the Tracking League of Serbia. Those were held in the Deliblato Sands Special Nature Reserve, a large sandy area unique to both Serbia and Europe, covering approximately 300 km2.