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Why AVIA, a word from our franchisees

As a long-term franchisee of the AVIA brand, the AVIA franchise is a proven business model, successfully used by many franchise partners, owners of the private gas stations. The AVIA franchise offers us freedom and autonomy in terms of running our own companies, yet, at the same time, we are strongly obliged by AVIA: franchisees’ obligations are clearly and precisely defined in the contract. Franchisees, i.e. the entire franchise system, is obliged to apply a multitude of defined business processes, from procurement, and the way services are provided, and customers are served, to advertising and marketing. And that is exactly what makes running the business easier.

Is franchise awareness sufficiently developed in this business environment?

I think that franchising is an increasingly popular option in this environment. The growing popularity of franchising is due to the support offered to franchisees, the fact that behind you is a successful model, the experience, and strong logistical support. AVIA proves this by the annual increase in the number of gas stations joining the network.

From your point of view, who do you think franchising is the right business option for?

All gas station owners should consider the AVIA brand, that is my recommendation. Developing an entrepreneurial spirit is incomparably easier, safer, and more certain, under the umbrella of an already proven business system. In the end, success is all that counts.