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What does the AVIA franchise provide?

Goals of the AVIA INTERNATIONAL, represented in the territory of the Republic of Serbia by Radun AVIA are:

  • Protecting interests of oil derivatives traders, as well as encouraging their activities under the AVIA brand, and particularly encouraging opening and operation of gas stations, including ancillary activities at gas stations such as AVIA shops and services;
  • Fostering and encouraging solidarity and cooperation between its members, and representing their interests concerning government bodies, professional associations, and interest communities, as well as competition;
  • Coordinating work with the public and marketing activities of its members;
  • Supervising the quality of products and services provided and sold, under the AVIA brand, by the members of the association, all their business facilities, branches, or affiliates, as well as business partners, enabled by the members to use the AVIA brand.

The AVIA brand is a collective trademark owned by AVIA INTERNATIONAL, it is synonymous with high standard and quality of goods and services and is internationally registered and protected.