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What is franchising?

Franchising is a form of solid contractual cooperation between independent entrepreneurs, a franchisor, and a franchisee. A franchisor licenses its business model know-how and its brand to a franchisee. In...

AVIA Franchise in gas stations industry

The first franchise in the gas stations industry in Serbia dates to 1997, thanks to Petrobart company, an AVIA franchisee for Southeast Europe. Then, AVIA Serbia Association was founded on...

What does the AVIA franchise provide?

Goals of the AVIA INTERNATIONAL, represented in the territory of the Republic of Serbia by Radun AVIA are: Protecting interests of oil derivatives traders, as well as encouraging their activities...

What does AVIA Franchise mean?

The franchisee signs a franchise agreement, which defines mutual rights and obligations. Radun AVIA, with its HQ in Novi Sad, is authorized by the AVIA Serbia Association to sign cooperation...

What are the benefits of doing business in the AVIA family?

Benefits of doing business under the AVIA brand: Unification of oil derivatives quantities, and thus opportunities of signing more favorable Bills of Sale with NIS and Mol More active marketing...

Why AVIA, a word from our franchisees

As a long-term franchisee of the AVIA brand, the AVIA franchise is a proven business model, successfully used by many franchise partners, owners of the private gas stations. The AVIA...

How to get a franchise?

AVIA FRANCHISE is the right choice for you If you want to become a part of AVIA brand gas station network, organize the work of the gas station, and respect...