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Vladan Paraklis ENG

Vladan Paraklis ENG

Works Manager of the Ruma branch

I started working at Radun AVIA in February 2012, as a gas station attendant – seller at Hrtkovci branch. When the then works manager requested a transfer to Novi Sad, a vacancy for the position opened, and before it was announced, I received an offer to take the job of managing the branch. That was how I was promoted to a works manager. When our new branch opened in Ruma, I received the honor to work at a renovated facility. I still work here. The Ruma branch is one of the most successful ones within the AVIA network. I work in a great team, the cooperation is excellent, both with my colleagues in the branch and those from Novi Sad, where the main office is. Support and teamwork have kept me in this job for almost ten years and have been pushing me forward!

Sabolč Heredi ENG

Sabolč Heredi ENG

Retail Network Manager

Although Radun AVIA is not my first work experience, it certainly is the most important one. I have worked for the company for 12 years now. I started as a gas station attendant – seller, in the then newly opened Kanjiža branch. After six months, I was promoted to works manager of the branch, since the vacancy had opened, and I felt I had mastered the business and was willing to manage the branch. For a short time, from November 2014 to February 2015, I was even the acting managing director of the company. Since February 2015, I have overseen managing all our branches as a retail network manager. Radun AVIA has provided me with invaluable knowledge and experience and has demonstrated that hard work, efforts, and honesty are always appreciated.

Andrea Leskovac ENG

Andrea Leskovac ENG

Back office clerk

After finishing my studies, Radun AVIA opened its doors to me and allowed me to gain my first work experience.
In 5 years, I have acquired new skills and knowledge, encountered numerous challenges, learned how to handle them in the best possible way.
For that I am most grateful to my colleagues, team support is crucial in these situations. At the same time, it is the greatest strength and value of the company I work for – fantastic people, building friendly relations and family atmosphere.