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AVIA franchise

Run your own business under a well-known brand name!

Choose AVIA brand and join AVIA family, choose to become a partner of a system of 28 gas stations throughout Serbia that has successfully operated for over 30 years.

We offer a complete, already successful business model, assistance in managing business according to renowned AVIA principles and standards, while you remain independent in running your own business.

Radun AVIA, as the representative of the AVIA brand, is interested in expanding its network of gas stations in the territory of the Republic of Serbia. All legal entities or entrepreneurs, registered in the territory of the Republic of Serbia, and possessing all necessary approvals and permits for trading in oil derivatives, have an opportunity to develop their own business and become a part of a renowned company through a partnership with Radun AVIA.

What is franchising?

Franchising is a form of solid contractual cooperation between independent entrepreneurs, a franchisor, and a franchisee. A franchisor licenses its business model know-how and its brand to a franchisee. In return, the franchisee pays certain fees, which enables the franchisee to obtain rights and opportunities to use approved and successful business concepts.

If you are a franchisee, your own business, although visible under a different brand, is still yours. Franchising has been proved to be one of the best business practices.

Equally important is the fact that franchising is considerably less risky than running your business. As a franchisee, you use brand, know-how, and experience developed by the franchisor. A prominent, more famous brand provides more visibility, and therefore more clients, decreasing the probability of failure. Franchising a famous brand is an easy way to business success!

AVIA Franchise in gas stations industry

The first franchise in the gas stations industry in Serbia dates to 1997, thanks to Petrobart company, an AVIA franchisee for Southeast Europe.

Then, AVIA Serbia Association was founded on August 29, 2012. AVIA Serbia Association is a member of the AVIA INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION, with an HQ in Zurich, Switzerland. AVIA Serbia operates in the territory of the Republic and achieves its goals in the field of trade, distribution, and transportation of oil derivatives under the AVIA brand, as well as in the field of promoting the AVIA brand in the territory of the Republic of Serbia and supervising its use. To date, the company has opened 30 gas stations, and some new gas stations are expected to open soon under the AVIA brand.

What does the AVIA franchise provide?

Goals of the AVIA INTERNATIONAL, represented in the territory of the Republic of Serbia by Radun AVIA are:

  • Protecting interests of oil derivatives traders, as well as encouraging their activities under the AVIA brand, and particularly encouraging opening and operation of gas stations, including ancillary activities at gas stations such as AVIA shops and services;
  • Fostering and encouraging solidarity and cooperation between its members, and representing their interests concerning government bodies, professional associations, and interest communities, as well as competition;
  • Coordinating work with the public and marketing activities of its members;
  • Supervising the quality of products and services provided and sold, under the AVIA brand, by the members of the association, all their business facilities, branches, or affiliates, as well as business partners, enabled by the members to use the AVIA brand.

The AVIA brand is a collective trademark owned by AVIA INTERNATIONAL, it is synonymous with high standard and quality of goods and services and is internationally registered and protected.

What does AVIA Franchise mean?

The franchisee signs a franchise agreement, which defines mutual rights and obligations.

Radun AVIA, with its HQ in Novi Sad, is authorized by the AVIA Serbia Association to sign cooperation agreements that regulate the use of the AVIA trademark and branding, on behalf of and for the account of the Association.

All AVIA gas stations must be rebranded under the latest standards.

Radun AVIA will:

  1. Recommend that the user signs a Bill of Sale of oil derivatives with reliable suppliers: DIESEL, UNLEADED GASOLINE 95, UNLEADED GASOLINE 98, GAS OIL 0.1, LPG.
  2. Provide adequate quantities of additives for the sale of the brand derivative AVIA Gold and provide support to ensure quality consistenc
  3. Enable constant cooperation and communication with Radun AVIA via email: :
What are the benefits of doing business in the AVIA family?

Benefits of doing business under the AVIA brand:

  • Unification of oil derivatives quantities, and thus opportunities of signing more favorable Bills of Sale with NIS and Mol
  • More active marketing presence in the market
  • Cooperation and solidarity in meeting the AVIA standards
  • Precisely defined obligations of the franchisor, Radun AVIA, of which we would like to emphasize the following: summer, winter, and spare uniforms, AVIA banners, AVIA GOLD nozzle cases, submission of the AVIA book of standards for inspection

Currently, over 3000 gas stations in 15 European countries operate under the AVIA brand, making it the biggest and the most famous independent brand in Europe.

Why AVIA, a word from our franchisees

As a long-term franchisee of the AVIA brand, the AVIA franchise is a proven business model, successfully used by many franchise partners, owners of the private gas stations. The AVIA franchise offers us freedom and autonomy in terms of running our own companies, yet, at the same time, we are strongly obliged by AVIA: franchisees’ obligations are clearly and precisely defined in the contract. Franchisees, i.e. the entire franchise system, is obliged to apply a multitude of defined business processes, from procurement, and the way services are provided, and customers are served, to advertising and marketing. And that is exactly what makes running the business easier.

Is franchise awareness sufficiently developed in this business environment?

I think that franchising is an increasingly popular option in this environment. The growing popularity of franchising is due to the support offered to franchisees, the fact that behind you is a successful model, the experience, and strong logistical support. AVIA proves this by the annual increase in the number of gas stations joining the network.

From your point of view, who do you think franchising is the right business option for?

All gas station owners should consider the AVIA brand, that is my recommendation. Developing an entrepreneurial spirit is incomparably easier, safer, and more certain, under the umbrella of an already proven business system. In the end, success is all that counts.

How to get a franchise?

AVIA FRANCHISE is the right choice for you

  • If you want to become a part of AVIA brand gas station network, organize the work of the gas station, and respect AVIA standards, you own a gas station or lease one, you are an ideal candidate
  • If you are motivated and ambitious to achieve outstanding results, improve customer relations if you are ready to improve your knowledge
  • If you get through the first round of selection, expect a call and an appointment
  • Franchisees that receive a positive assessment from AVIA will sign a franchise contract
  • Training and start operating

For all additional information, do not hesitate to contact us at