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Radun AVIA, more than fuel!

Radun AVIA, more than fuel!

Radun AVIA is a member company of AVIA INTERNATIONAL group and official representative of the Swiss brand in Serbia.

Under the brand name AVIA, our company is a part of the AVIA family of over 3000 gas stations in 15 countries.

AVIA Serbia currently consists of 26 gas stations, of which 23 is operated by Radun AVIA, one is operated by Radun Gas Station, and 2 are operated by other franchise partners.

Radun AVIA’s roots date back to 1990 when Mr. Ilija Radun opened one of the first privately owned gas stations in what was then SFRY, in Novi Sad. The company’s core business, oil derivatives trade, was soon expanded to two newly built gas stations, one in Novi Sad in 1993, and the other one in Bačka Palanka in 1997. The name Radun AVIA was created in 2002. Today, Radun AVIA, a company with around 200 employees, manages 22 gas stations.

Quality comes from Switzerland!

Radun AVIA is still guided by its founding principles, which played a key role in its positioning within AVIA INTERNATIONAL. Some of the values shared by the members of the AVIA family are a rational approach to business, so typical of family businesses, correctness, and honoring agreements, and those are non-negotiable. Over the years, those values have been recognized by thousands of customers and vendors with whom we have been cooperating to our mutual satisfaction.

For many years, we have provided our customers with quality fuel and good service, which contributed to our facilities merging with local communities, cities, and villages, and being firmly woven into their everyday lives. We have gladly supported sport, culture, and charity activities important to our neighbors. Our main advantages in surviving in the fierce oil derivatives market are correctness, flexibility, and creativity, paired with our fast-growing team of loyal employees, many of whom have grown alongside the company. Our team is dedicated to constantly obtaining and improving knowledge, skills, and professional experience within the AVIA Europe system.


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Long story short, Radun AVIA – is MUCH MORE THAN FUEL!