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AVIA Serbia

AVIA’s presence in various markets is achieved through national organizations of each respective country. Members of the national organizations are independent companies trading in oil derivatives. Those independent companies are illegible to sell AVIA brand franchise to other legal entities. All national organizations and their members, together will all their activities, are fully coordinated by AVIA INTERNATIONAL.

AVIA Serbia is the Serbian national organization/association and a member of the AVIA INTERNATIONAL organization. Member of our national organization are:

  • Radun AVIA
  • Radun Gas Station

Planned activities are implemented together, through dynamic cooperation with AVIA INTERNATIONAL, and AVIA members throughout Europe.

AVIA Serbia is fully open to expanding the number of its members with Serbia based companies trading in oil derivatives. Potential members are expected to share AVIA philosophy and AVIA organizational structure, making the AVIA family stronger. All interested parties should feel free to contact Radun AVIA employees.

Sincerely, AVIA Serbia